Quick Start | FAQ

[You want to use or are using a Grape product? Here is our FAQ for partners.]

Where to buy $GRAPE?

The easiest way to buy $GRAPE is through a DEX like Raydium or Jupiter.

Grape Access (for users)

In order to use Grape Access, you need to follow the steps described in #grape-access on our Discord. Those steps are equivalent to most other Discord servers that use Grape Access. Please carefully read the instructions and don't forget to click on the emoji at the end.
Some DIscord servers require an initial verification before you're able to verify with Grape Access. If you are unsure, refer to the #rules channel or ask nicely.

Is Grape Access safe?

Yes! Grape takes security and privacy very seriously and Grape Access can only read your wallet and your wallet's assets. You are always in full control and at no point in time is Grape able to see more of your wallet than anyone is able to, using the Solana Explorer.
Grape Access verifies that you own control over your wallet by signing a message using your wallet locally on your computer. Your private key is never shared with Grape and Grape only compares your signature against your public key.
The power of Grape Access comes by combining your wallet information with your Discord ID. That way you are able to verify your ownership of your assets in Discord and can get respective roles and permissions if they exist on a Discord server.
The beauty of this process is, that you have the right to be immediately forgotten by unlinking your Discord ID at any time.

What wallets does Grape support?

Currently, we support
Verifying your wallet using Ledger also works. Just head over to the Grape Discord and send !verify as a direct message to @GRAPE. Our Grape bot will gladly assist you.

Grape Dashboard

The Grape Dashboard shows your portfolio, registered servers, connected accounts, and wallets. Under 'SETTINGS' you can easily check your primary wallet and your connected Discord ID that you can also unlink with just a click.
The Dashboard also has an amazing viewer for all your NFTs.
Get started by joining the Grape Discord and verify your wallet in #grape-access.

How do I switch verified wallets?

Just unlink & disconnect the old verified wallet and then verify the new wallet. Keep Discord open to avoid losing roles previously achieved. There are two methods to unlink:
Send !unlink as a direct message to @GRAPE on our Discord and follow the instructions, or use our Dashboard to disconnect your old wallet (Supported for Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Sollet, Ledger and Torus).
  1. 1.
    Unlink your Discord & Unregister Server (buttons right side of Dashboard)
  2. 2.
    Disconnect the old wallet (top right)
  3. 3.
    Connect the new wallet
  4. 4.
    Link your Discord & Re-Register Servers again.
  5. 5.
    Find the channel #grape-access to un-react & re-react to the emoji in the message.
  6. 6.
    To check which wallet is verified, send !verify as a direct message to @GRAPE on our Discord.

Why don’t I see Discord channels after verifying?

Check the correct wallet is verified, the token minimum or unlisted NFTs are in your wallet. Then, check that you react to the emoji in the verification channel on the Discord server.


Is there a $GRAPE Airdrop?

No! There never was. But get involved, join our awesome events, and win some $GRAPE!

How are the Event Prizes distributed?

Grape hosts multiple events every week with $GRAPE Prize Pools. Payout pools for each event/competition are shared ahead of time. Members receive winnings based on their membership class as discussed below
The Grape Membership is all about involvement!
  • Access to exclusive research around Solana NFTs, Defi, and AMAs.
  • Ability to join the GRAPE workforce, request work, and earn more $GRAPE.
  • Participation in giveaways, airdrops, beta tests.
  • Contests and events with $GRAPE prizes.

How can I participate in Grape votes?

Great that you ask! In order to be able to shape the future of Grape, you need to be a member of the Grape DAO. If you are already a DAO Member, even better! Have a look at how creating Proposals and Voting works.

What are the Tokenomics?

You can find everything about our Tokenomics here.
THERE IS NO Official Telegram, Slack, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, or WeChat
Please be aware of scammers. If you come across such a group, understand it is community-run, and we are not responsible for the actions taken there nor are we aware of them.

Is there a Roadmap?

Sure, there are grape things ahead!