Welcome to Grape Network!

Empower your community with GRAPE's dynamic balance-based membership tools. Version 1.8 (12.14.2023)

Grape Network

Grape Network is the toolset for Decentralized Social Networking on Solana.
Grape is using the platforms of today to build the platform of tomorrow.
By layering blockchain solutions on top of systems, people already know and love, we are providing value to the Solana ecosystem, while simultaneously preparing users for the new interactions of the crypto future. Our bottom-up approach to building a decentralized social network focuses primarily on Discord and Twitter, creating the ultimate cultural membership – “The Great Ape Community”.
THERE IS NO Official Telegram, Slack, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, or WeChat
Please be aware of scammers. If you come across such a group, understand it is community-run, and we are not responsible for the actions taken there nor are we aware of them.
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