Gaming Council

The Grape Gaming Council looks to leverage your passion and the resources of GRAPE to create a team that innovates in the field of community led GameFi adoption and growth. Being a DAO we look forward to being able to empower the community in taking actions to prioritise what the community thinks is most important.
  • Be the hub of information about GameFi on Solana
  • Produce game recommendations and Alpha
  • Coordinate/ Facilitate games to market and reach an audience
  • Provide a platform for games to approach for beta testing
  • Provide a platform for gamers to lend/borrow NFTs to play games
  • Provide a platform/resource for streamers/content creators to produce content
What are we looking for
  • SMEs for games in Solana GameFi
  • People willing to BUIDL to produce solutions for the Solana GameFi ecosystem
  • Gamer who is looking to play Solana Games
  • Content creator who are motivated to play games and engage audiences
Long Term Goals
  • Become an incubator for Guilds in various games and provide sanctuary services
  • Work with or develop protocols like Solvent to make GameFi NFTs more accessible to gamers
  • A prerequisite for the acquisition of any skill role is being a Great Ape
Application Steps
Step 1: Share your Talent
Start here by sharing your talent and particular research focus in a short paragraph here, in Discord, and express your interest in joining the council.
Step 2: Begin Discussions
Start sharing your Web3/Solana Gaming content over at #grape-chat on Discord to get noticed.