Additions and Removals

DAO Additions

New additions are sourced from the #dao-prospects; a channel, which applicants get access after submitting a DAO Application. Every Sunday, the past week's candidates are evaluated and are either granted or refused the DAO Role based on the mentioned criteria.

DAO Removals

DAO members will be automatically removed in case of inactivity.
The metric used to assess inactivity is lack of use/interaction with the Grape DAO's main proposal and discussion tool, Discourse, for over two weeks. Participating in the decision-making is crucial for the success of the DAO.
Reapplication Process
In case a member got removed from the DAO due to inactivity and wants to re-apply:
  • Resubmit the form in #dao-application on Discord.
  • Once in the #dao-prospects channel, provide an explanation for:
    • the lack of activity,
    • the reason why you wish to return, and
    • what you would like to do if you get to become a DAO Member again.
After that, it’s up to the DAO to accept reapplicants back. Reapplications will be evaluated every week, on Sunday’s DAO call, along with other additions and removals.
The DAO Board will keep track of all future reapplicants and accept a maximum of 2 reapplications per member.
We realize that often life gets in the way of things. In that case, please give us a heads-up if you need to be away for a while so that we don't misinterpret your inactivity.