๐Ÿ“ƒCreating Proposals

Discourse and on-chain Proposals


There are two different kinds of proposals:

Discourse is our main tool for preparing and discussing proposals that later can be voted on. Our aim is to prepare and discuss proposals in advance and then execute them with an on-chain vote on realms. A proper proposal should always have some kind of reference to either a Discourse [Discussion] or a post so that the people who vote are able to understand the background of the proposal.

Since, for the time being, on-chain votes on realms can only have a binary outcome, multiple-choice votes are done on Discourse.

Adding a proposal on Discourse

This will appear once you have pressed โ€˜build pollโ€™:

Poll Options


  • Single Choice: Default poll type. Users can select a single choice from the poll (This is the default option you want to choose for a YES|NO|ABSTAIN vote).

  • Multiple Choice: Users can select multiple choices from the poll.

    The poll creator must also define the minimum and maximum number of choices a user can make. By default, the minimum will be 1, and the maximum will be the number of poll choices.

  • Number Rating: Users can select a single number.

    The poll creator must also define the min, max and step for the number rating. For example, if the min is 2, the max is 10, and the step is 2, the options will be 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.


  • Always visible: Default poll results. Users can always see the results of the poll, regardless of if theyโ€™ve voted.

  • Only after voting: Users must vote before they can see the results of the poll.

  • When the poll is closed: Poll results will only be revealed once the poll is closed.

  • Staff only: Only site staff will be able to see the poll results.

Discourse polls can be used for a pre-selection to find a viable solution out of different options which then can be put to an on-chain vote.

Adding a proposal on realms

Everyone who has 200.000 $GRAPE or more on realms is able to create proposals.

Once in the creation screen, there are two options to proceed with setting up the proposal ([1], see below). A short, precise title helps since the proposal will most like be shared a lot. The description can either be done:

  1. directly in realms (simple)

  2. in GitHub Gist (advanced)

Realms only supports a limited amount of characters. If you want to post a proposal with a text >250 characters, you need to use GitHub Gist.

Proposals, in general, should be clear, concise, and informative. They should also contain a reference link that directs a reader/voter to the proposals' origin (e.g. Discourse).

If you create a proposal using GitHub Gist, paste only the link in the field 'Description' [1]; putting anything else will fail on execution and the GitHub Gist content won't be parsed. Here is a template and this is some markup (not everything will show correctly). This is what the template proposal looks like.

In order to create a proposal without any on-chain instruction, just select 'None' and choose any wallet under 'Governance' [2]. If you want to add any on-chain instructions, simply choose the transaction type and the correct wallet. Be extra cautious and better check twice. You can always save the proposal as a draft and let a fellow DAO Member cross-check it.

Once you select 'Save draft' or 'Add proposal' [3] you neither can change the instructions nor the title! Right now, the description can be changed if you're using GitHub Gist. Basically, the only difference with a draft is that the proposal isn't live.

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