The Grape DAO is organized into subDAOs that represent the different operational units of Grape, the DAO Core, and DAO Board
As frontrunners in the DAO space, it is important to remember that we are sailing in uncharted territories. Therefore, we sustain and promote a culture of constant philosophical exploration. Our mission is to develop an effective and efficient structure that is able to operate autonomously for years to come. Flexibility and open-mindedness are our mottos in this Web3.0 journey.


Current Grape Governance Structure
Community: Our community is everything to us. From it, we draw our strength, inspiration, and drive to innovate and improve. This is why we make it as easy as possible for members to participate, and all who want to get involved can.
DAO: Gorilla Members, active on Discourse/Discord and Realms, able to push, discuss, and vote on proposals.
DAO Core: A subset of DAO Members that are accountable and responsible for every DAO-related functional category. This is an operational team managing a plethora of tasks from community bounty generation, to DAO Call minutes keeping. This role is eligible for community emissions.
DAO Board: A 5-member council focused on DAO-related tasks like management and communication. An additional responsibility of the DAO Board is to organize the DAO Core. This role is eligible for community emissions.


The subDAOs are our economic and social powerhouses and sustain value generation for the whole Grape Community. They consist of members with specific talents recognized by a corresponding Graperator Role.
If you have a certain skill or talent that you think can help the community and want to be part of Grape, hop on our Discord server or visit: Get involved!

Discord and Discourse

Discord is our main tool of communication. We use it to interact, onboard new users, build, and create.

Channel Categories

START HERE - For new users EVENTS - Calendars, Event Channels, and our Live Stage CONTESTS - Contest Channels MANAGEMENT - Skill Role acquisition and Grape Partnerships GRAPE ACCESS - Main channels DAO - Only for DAO Members GRAPE - For Grape Members GRAPE WORK - For working tasks and projects LANGUAGE - International Groups
Discourse is the official Grape DAO forum for DAO-related activities. It is the place where discussions, proposals, and votes take place. Every Grape Community Member is able to get reading access to keep up with these activities, but unless they are a DAO Member, they cannot comment, propose, or vote.