๐Ÿ’ปDeveloper Bounties

Grape is aiming to be the main supporting force of Solana on all fronts; From community building to development.

To accomplish our mission on the latter, we have set up Developer Bounties; An initiative with an objective to enhance grape tooling and by extension, Solanaโ€™s open source solutions.

Any of the Grape subDAOs, Grape Partners, Solana Founder, or Great Ape community members and above are able to issue a Developer Bounty, which developers in our, or a partnerโ€™s community, will be able to complete. In this channel's Pinned Message on the Grape Discord Server, you can find the Development Specification Form, which must be completed for the issuance of any Development Bounty.

Once the Development Spec is filled, the Developer Bounties Manager will be responsible for sourcing talent and along with the bounty issuer, select the best candidate to complete the development task.

As an incentive to community developers, completion of such bounties will always be compensated and the respective developer will get an instant acceptance in the Grape subDAO Development.

Once a final agreement has been achieved, the next step in the process is escrowing the financial reward in $GRAPE until the completion of the bounties. The escrow wallet will be Grapeโ€™s Treasury and the Developer Bounties Manager the guarantor.

In summary, if you are looking to issue a Development Bounty:

1. Complete the Development Specification Form.

2. Once the Developer Bounties Manager validates the Spec and finds interested developers, they select a candidate.

3. Escrow of the $GRAPE reward as provided in the Dev Spec. As an issuer, you will be getting updates from the chosen developer and the Developer Bounties Manager until the completion of the project.

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