Members with the Developer Skill Role are part of the Development subDAO

We have so many things to build and only so many resources. If you are interested in helping out with everything coding-related, from websites to smart contracts then this is the Skill Role for you!


  • Be active in the #developers channel, share your learnings and thoughts, and participate in voting and meetings.

  • Making initiatives that could benefit Grape and community members in the form of technical solutions and being able to execute them.

  • Helping onboard fellow new community developers.

What we are looking for

  • Developers who are self-organized, who don't need to be told on what to do.

  • Web Developers / Front-End Engineers who are familiar with popular JS framework / Solana Web 3 JS API.

  • Smart Contract Developers who are familiar with Rust / Solidity.

  • Software Engineers who have experience in Data Analytics and are keen to tinker with the Solana blockchain data.

Long-term goals

  • Produce software solutions to shape Grape's on-chain and decentralized future.

  • Create an open-source codebase that Solana projects can take advantage of.

A pre-requisite for the acquisition of any skill role is being a Great Ape.

Application Steps

Jump over to #grape-chat on Discord, explain what you are interested in, as well as, your relevant experience, and tag @kirk#3771

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