๐Ÿ“ƒProposal Requirements

  1. Proposals need to be created on Discourse.

  2. Proposals need to be posted in the correct subCategory.

  3. Each subCategory is managed by the subDAO representatives responsible for organizing and prioritizing the subDAOโ€™s proposals to the DAO (decisions that are not solely within the subDAOโ€™s purview).

  4. There are 3 different types of proposals:

    • Non-Funding: Any proposal that does not require fund allocation funds or changes the governance structure.

    • Funding: Any proposal that (re)allocates funds but doesnโ€™t change the governance structure.

    • Governance: Any proposal that changes the governance structure of the DAO or subDAO.

  5. Each Funding and Governance proposal needs to have a prior [Discussion] thread.

  6. Each proposal with a mandatory [Discussion] thread needs to link to this discussion.

  7. Each proposal intended to be voted upon should be about a single issue.

  8. Each topic can contain more than one proposal.

  9. Each proposal should give the option for an abstention.

  10. Each proposal intended to be voted upon needs to be in [English] or needs to contain a translated abstract.

  11. A proposal shouldnโ€™t be edited or amended once posted; a proposal canโ€™t be edited after the first vote is cast.

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