๐ŸคฒWorking Together

The subDAOs are our economic and social powerhouses and sustain value generation for the whole Grape Community.

subDAO Responsibilities

The subDAOs focus on their respective fields and enrich the entire community with their creative inputs, development skills, and general expertise. Their members work tirelessly from all over the world to:

  • Discuss and propose milestones, goals, and tasks for their subDAO.

  • Prioritize subDAO proposals and vote on them.

  • Execute self-imposed tasks, goals, and milestones.

  • Execute on assignments given by the Grape DAO.

  • Communicate their tasks, goals, and milestones to the DAO and the community.

subDAO Management

Each subDAO is free to establish its own governance system depending on its respective needs.

This allows every subDAO to find the best way to work together, be it a subDAO with a subDAO Leader that handles the internal decision-making process or a subDAO Council sharing the organizational tasks.

We believe in the autonomy of our members and want to give them every possible edge to work more effectively and efficiently for all of us.

In case of internal disputes, the subDAO or any member can address the DAO for arbitration, since each subDAO reports to the DAO and by that, the Grape Community.

In order to communicate between subDAOs and the DAO as best as possible, each subDAO designates 2-5 members to represent the respective subDAO, these are the subDAO Boards.

subDAO Boards

Every subDAO appoints a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 members responsible for organizing and prioritizing the subDAOโ€™s proposals to the DAO. These include all decisions that are not solely within the subDAOโ€™s purview and thereby, managed by each subDAO internally.

The main responsibilities of the subDAO Boards are:

  1. Proposal creation and prioritization according to their respective subDAOโ€™s decisions.

  2. Escalation of disputes to the DAO that the subDAO couldnโ€™t resolve internally.

  3. Production of short subDAO weekly recaps on actions and goals.

  4. Organizing subDAO specific votes, e.g. removals for inactive members and allocation.

  5. Communication of subDAO applicants and upkeep of application-acceptance procedure.

  6. Being a reliable liaison for the subDAO, especially in regards to tasks submitted to the subDAO [by the DAO or other subDAOs]

We strive towards complete decentralization of Grape, believe in the power of the Community and the talent within it. Hence, not more than one Grape team member is allowed to become a member of the subDAO Board, per subDAO.

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