Content Creation
Members with the Community Creator Skill Role are part the Content Creation subDAO
This role is reserved for people who are already building something in Solana. If you have a popular Twitter account, are building a project, have your own show, write a newsletter, or something that many people in the Solana ecosystem know about, there is a good chance you qualify for this role!


  • Remain active in the production of content for the Grape Community.
  • Contribute further by responding to questions about their content.
  • Attending the weekly subDAO meetings and partaking in occasional subDAO votes.

What we are looking for

Individuals skilled in producing any of the content listed below:
  • Written
  • Electronic
  • Videos
  • Youtube
  • Tutorials
If you are skilled in the production of any type of the aforementioned content categories you should submit an application to the Community Creators subDAO and have it accepted to become a member.
A pre-requisite for the acquisition of any skill role is being a Great Ape (holding 5,400 GRAPE)
Application Steps
Step 1: Introduce-yourself
Head over to #introduce-yourself Discord and introduce yourself to the community!
Step 2: Get involved
Share your content in the relevant Grape Channels like #great-ape-chat Discord!
Step 3: Present your Grape Idea
Share your idea on the production of Grape-related or Grape-themed content in #partner-with-grape Discord.
Point of Contact
If you need any assistance tag @MetaVerse Explorer in #partner-with-grape Discord!
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