The Grape Community is the dedicated community of the Grape Network
The Grape Community is a group of talented Solana supporters focused on accelerating the adoption and growth of the Solana ecosystem.
    Bringing more people into the Solana Ecosystem
    Supporting the growth and adoption of Solana projects
    Providing educational materials related to building, using, and investing on Solana
To accomplish this, the community has adopted a meritocratic value system where influence and voting are delegated by no one person; those who are contributing the most will have the greatest influence in decision-making.
We’ve chosen to adopt the “Community-First” approach as laid out by Metacartel
Community-First Manifesto


Transparency – all decisions and actions will happen in a public forum and will be recorded for posterity whenever possible
Fairness – everyone has an equal chance to participate and be acknowledged
Excellence – we will hold each other to the highest standards and voice our opinions frequently as it is our duty
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