Get involved - and benefit!
The community is you and you are the community.
Being part of a community is easy these days. Shaping the future of an entire ecosystem? Not so much. But with Grape, you actually can! How you might ask? Well, everyone has certain skills, a special talent, or is pretty good at something. We at Grape believe that everyone can contribute, your job is to find out how. The easiest way to start and engage with the community is on Discord. Join us!
If you already joined us on Discord, great! Then have a look at what we’ve got in store for you, be it becoming a member or even getting a Skill Role and actively participating in a subDAO.

Membership Benefits

Grape Membership: A way to get entertained, learn, and network Crypto-Style!
  • Access to exclusive high-level research around Solana NFTs, Defi strategies, and AMAs.
  • Ability to join the GRAPE workforce, request work, and earn more $GRAPE.
  • Participation in giveaways, airdrops, beta tests.
  • Contests and events with $GRAPE prizes.
  • Guaranteed monthly emissions based on your Class.
These numbers reflect the necessary amount of $GRAPE to keep your membership next month since the first payout happens only after a full month of membership.
Based on the current emission schedule, the inflation expected in 2022 from Community Emissions is the following:
  • 5.3% January 74.8M circulating tokens
  • 4.9% February 80.3M circulating tokens
  • 4.66% March 85.8M circulating tokens
  • 4.38% April 91.3M circulating tokens
  • 4.13% May 96.8M circulating tokens
  • 3.91% June 102.3M circulating tokens
  • 3.7% July 107.8M circulating tokens
  • 3.5% August 113.3M circulating tokens
  • 3% September 130M circulating tokens Team + Investors first unlock
  • 2.7% October 143M circulating tokens
  • 2.5% November 156.1M circulating tokens
  • 2.36% December 169.2M circulating tokens
Current Membership
To compensate token holders for the emission schedule and prevent the dilution of their voting power, token requirements are connected to the expected emissions in the next epoch.
As seen in the infographic above the token requirements per class increased by ~4.38%, for the month of May 2022, to:
Class C - Gibbon 1,295 $GRAPE
Class B - Great Ape 6,455 $GRAPE
Class A - Gorilla 25,825 $GRAPE
Class Neanderthal - 208,260 $GRAPE
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