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Skill Roles

Skill Roles are allocated to community members that have shown exceptional talent and contributed to a work request or workgroup. These roles are grouped into separate subDAOs which organize and govern themselves.

How to get a Grape Skill Role

Each subDAO has a slightly different application process but the only requirement is to prove ability. At present, the exact steps relevant to the different available skill roles can be found on Discord the channel #roles-guide.
To maintain a Skill Role through the Grape Epochs, community members will need to actively contribute to each subDAO they have a role for. Users inactive for an Epoch or more will be removed from their subDAO and lose their Skill Roles. They can return and earn their Skill Role at any time.


  • Become an integral part of the Grape Community by joining the community workforce
  • Contribute to our vision: Support the growth of the Solana Ecosystem
  • Get rewarded with skill role-specific GRAPE emissions voted on by the DAO every epoch

Available Skill Roles

  • Designer
  • Videographer
  • Developer
  • Researcher
  • Moderator
  • Community Creator
  • Panda Crew
  • Garuda Crew
  • Organizer
Note: We are constantly looking for ways to involve more community members. If you feel there is a role you could take that is not defined by the existing ones, let us know!