Completed Grants
These Bounties are completed and closed. Grape will not be accepting any new submissions.


Display and metrics 5K USDC
  • Display all Realms the logged in user has deposited governance tokens to
  • Show member counts and deposited/withdrawn governance tokens over time
  • Member votes divided by token mint supply per proposal
  • Transactions to and from the Realms treasury addresses in a human readable format. Example treasury address below:
  • Vote on proposals 5K USDC
  • Allow for the Deposit/Withdrawal of Tokens (Council Tokens & Governance Coins) on Realms through the Grape Dashboard 2.5K USDC
  • Allow for the locking/unlocking of Tokens on Realms2.5K USDC​

​MeanFi SDK

MeanFi SDK — 5K USDC
  • Display logged in users MeanFi payment streams on Grape dashboard
  • Redeem the Stream *based on the Grape dashboard specifications
  • Resources ​
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