Community Management

Members with the Moderator and/or Organizer Skill Role are part of the Community Management subDAO



  • Obtaining feedback and gathering ideas from our community members through real conversation.
  • Provide support for community members, fans, and customers when they need it.
  • Build one-on-one and one-to-many relationships to show the human side of this community and what makes us the best community in Solana.

What we are looking for

  • True discord warriors! You need to be able to be attentive and polite to all community members.
  • Have a good understanding of the Grape-related processes and developments as well as remain up to date with events.
  • Provide good assistance and be able to create a positive atmosphere for the whole community.


Our organizers plan some of the coolest events in Solana, and if you can also organize an event you can join the team! This role is great for people with experience in gaming or organizing online competitions. TFT, PUBG, COD, Stumble Guys, Among Us, etc!


  • Hosting and organizing events such as Warzone, Poker, and PUBG tournaments.
  • Onboarding non-crypto gamers onto Grape, and by extension, onto Solana.
  • Provide opportunities for Grape Community Members to get entertained and rewarded.

What we are looking for

  • Ability to manage events from start to finish; From communication to event monitoring.
  • Understanding of how gaming events can be hosted.
  • Event Originality and ability to attract both crypto-native and non-crypto gamers.

Long term goals

Sustain the dynamic atmosphere that defines the Grape community by making it a place to get entertained, learn, and make new friends.
Application Process
A pre-requisite for the acquisition of any skill role is being a Great Ape.
Application Steps for Moderators
Step 1: Be Active
Show you can dedicate the time and effort for moderation by building a track record in the server! Answer questions and guide new members.
Step 2: Share your Talent
Express your interest in joining the moderators in #share-your-talent on Discord.
Point of Contact
You can tag @Takisoul in #grape-chat on Discord if you need any assistance, but please do not do it too often!
Application Steps for Organizers
Submit an Event Idea
Submit an event idea over here: #the-jungle on Discord and tag @legend. Be prepared to plan an event that can host a lot of people!
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