The Grape Sub-DAOs are individual working groups that handle distinct community operations
The Grape DAO will start with 6 sub-DAOs that reflect the needs of the community today
    Community Events
    Project Evaluation
Each sub-DAO has a leader. This is the person contributing the most time organizing and communicating tasks within the sub-DAO. The sub-DAO leaders are voted every month by the sub-DAO.

sub-DAO responsibilities

    Tutorials on using Solana project platforms
    Development Grants for community priorities
    Solana-only content like Defi Strategies and Project Calendar
    Dedicated Ambassadors for issue resolution
    Marketing support by creating AMAs, design, videos, and articles
    Plan competitive game events exclusive to SPL Wallet holders

sub-DAO leader responsibilities

    Coordinate work requests within their sub-DAO
    Identify new talent
    Handle sub-DAO votes and proposals
    Present during weekly DAO update
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