How to create Proposals


Adding a poll for voting

You create a poll for voting with the poll builder. The poll builder can be accessed from the
in the topic composer:
This will appear once you have pressed ‘build poll’:
To show advanced options press the
icon. This will show you different poll options such as poll auto close, groups allowed to vote etc.

Poll Options

  • Single Choice: Default poll type. Users can select a single choice from the poll (This is the default option you want to choose for a YES|NO|ABSTAIN vote).
  • Multiple Choice: Users can select multiple choices from the poll.
    The poll creator must also define the minimum and maximum number of choices a user can make. By default, the minimum will be 1, and the maximum will be the number of poll choices.
  • Number Rating: Users can select a single number.
    The poll creator must also define the min, max and step for the number rating. For example, if the min is 2, the max is 10, and the step is 2, the options will be 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.
  • Always visible: Default poll results. Users can always see the results of the poll, regardless of if they’ve voted.
  • Only after voting: Users must vote before they can see the results of the poll.
  • When the poll is closed: Poll results will only be revealed once the poll is closed.
  • Staff only: Only site staff will be able to see the poll results.
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