DAO Application
The Grape DAO is the highest expression of community involvement. Being a member of this group means you are one of the core contributors and will vote in major decisions
You can find the DAO application in Discord
Must have at least one skill role
Must hold a minimum of 20,000 GRAPE

Skill Roles

Skill Roles are allocated to community members that have shown exceptional talent and contributed to a work request or work group. These roles are grouped into separate sub-DAOs
How to get a Grape Skill Role:
The only requirement is to prove ability. At present, this can be done in the Discord share-your-talent channel on the Grape server.
To maintain a skill role through the Grape Epochs, community members will need to actively contribute to each subDAO they have a role for. Users inactive for 30 days or more will be removed from the Discord and lose their roles. They can return and earn their role at any time.
Examples of Skill Roles are
    Community Creator
    Region Manager
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Skill Roles