Community Events

Grape hosts multiple events every week with generous prize pools in $GRAPE!
The easiest way to be part of an event is to hop on our Discord and have a look at the calendar in the upper left. Or just follow our events channel on Twitter.
No matter your interests, we got you covered!
  • Gaming Events & Tournaments
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • AMAs with awesome guests
  • Grape Community Calls
We constantly add new ideas and engage with our community. Whether be it crazy Warzone Tournaments, educational Live Trading Sessions, Solana Alpha in AMAs, or high stakes poker events with other communities - you name it!

Event Prize Distribution

In Grape, we strive towards rewarding involvement. This is why our Event Prizes are split in a tiered system. Payout pools for each event/competition are shared ahead of time and members receive winnings based on their Membership Class:
  • Gibbon (Class C):
    • Prize payouts of up to 100,000 $GRAPE every month!
    • The Gibbons' price pools are 1/5 of the maximum price pools.
  • Great Ape (Class B):
    • Prize payouts of up to 250,000 $GRAPE every month!
    • The Great Apes' price pools are 1/2 of the maximum price pools.
  • Gorilla (Class A):
    • Prize payouts of up to 500,000 $GRAPE every month!
    • Gorillas benefit from the maximum price pools.